GNPC Board Chairman Denies Wrongdoing and Refuses to Resign Amid Controversy

Freddie Blay, the Board Leader of the Ghana Public Oil Affiliation (GNPC), has relentlessly prevented any shocking approach to acting with respect to the scattering from getting interest in Ghana's oil fields toward the South African affiliation, Oil and Gas Association of South Africa (PetroSA). Blay verifies that he acted to the best advantage of the nation and practiced unprecedented judgment concerning this issue, subsequently seeing no shield for requires his surrender.


Settling the issue in a social event with Citi FM on Tuesday, May 23, Blay conveyed, "Perhaps, I could be finished, yet I see no legitimization for why they are saying I ought to leave about this issue. I by and large misread sat dormant. I have seen my still, little voice and I acknowledged I was safeguarding the interest of the nation, and I'm persuaded about it. Tolerating others suspect something, and if people who relegated me are offering something else, so be it." He in addition alluded to that he had assessed the matter with President Akufo-Addo, and he doesn't expect to be exculpated from his situation.


Notwithstanding, a plot of 29 Typical Society Affiliations (CSOs), including the Africa Social class for Energy Method (ACEP), Spot for Reputation based Improvement (CDD-Ghana), and the Working environment of Oil Clients Ghana (COPEC), among others, are referencing the concise expulsion of Blay and Opoku-Ahweneeh Danquah, the Leader of GNPC. The CSOs battle that these people address a danger to Ghana's propensities in the oil locale. In an explanation maintained by delegates from all of the 29 CSOs, the alliance passed weights on over the association of assets and referenced straightforwardness in regards to the AFC exchange and the completion of the Aker Plan of Progress (Case) from the Oil Commission and Government.


The discussion ascends out of a letter likely framed by Blay to PetroSA, offering an indistinguishable proposition in the interest held by GNPC's partner, Merriment Oil Resources Ltd. Energy Pastor Matthew Opoku Prempeh has voiced his discontent with the course of action and desires to kill it from thought, imparting that it doesn't help the country.


In spite of the mounting pressure, Blay stays persistent in his situation, defending his activities and featuring his obligation to the country's organization help. The outcome of this undermining issue isn't settled as of now.

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