GNPC Offers Full Educational Scholarship to Brilliant 'Galamsey' Boy

In a charming turn of events, Stephen Koomson, a marvelous 21-year-old past student of Mpohor Senior Optional School in the Western District, has been surrendered a full enlightening award by the Ghana Public Petroleum Endeavor (GNPC). Stephen, who relied upon unlawful mining (known as Galamsey) in light of financial objectives disturbing his tutoring, will at present get the opportunity to focus on Guideline at the famous School of Ghana.

Stephen's story snatched the eye of GNPC when it coursed around the web through virtual amusement. Despite standing up to money related inconveniences, he achieved an extraordinary insightful record with 5As and 3Bs in the 2021 West African Senior School Confirmation Evaluation (WASSCE). Regardless, his tutoring was suddenly finished in light of a shortfall of help, which pushed him towards participating in restricted scope unlawful mining.

Seeing the distress and importance of Stephen's situation, the Main Top of the GNPC Foundation, Dr. Dominic Eduah, depicted it as an "miserable situation justifying brief thought." in this manner, GNPC went with the decision to mediate and offer him a full award.

Dr. Eduah communicated, "We are enrolling him on the GNPC award rapidly to place his dreams about transforming into a legitimate guide ready once more, and we are much the same way as anxious to offer him an opportunity to work with this in consonance with the statutes of our Tutoring and Planning order." He further referred to that GNPC, collectively with other huge accomplices, is successfully endeavoring to ensure Stephen secures admission to the School of Ghana Graduate school by the accompanying educational year.

Stephen, perceptibly lively and near and dear, offered critical thanks to GNPC for taking action considering his story and ensuring that the life and future he had envisioned as a young fellow can now transform into a reality. He committed to remain gave to his assessments and be an exemplary emissary for GNPC.

This moving sign by GNPC fills in as an indication of the uncommon power of preparing and the impact that can be made when individuals and affiliations get together to help justifying students up the creek without a paddle. Stephen's trip from unlawful mining to pursuing his dreams about transforming into a legitimate instructor is a show of the possible results that can be achieved through such drives.

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