Former Parliament Member Highlights Corruption as Root Cause of Galamsey Menace

Inusah Fuseini, a past Situating Part on the Hallowed, Genuine and Parliamentary Issues Leading body of legal administrators of Parliament, has attributed unlawful mining practices in Ghana to the sickening demonstrations of government specialists. He focuses on the need to address both corruption and unlawful mining with identical urgency.


During an appearance on JoyNews' Newsfile, Fuseini conveyed his view that the mining practices are a sensible sign of corruption. He further revealed that the situation has been bothered by the awful demonstrations of specialists solidly associated with the public power.


Inspecting his experience as an organization official, Fuseini shared an episode where he encountered five Chang Fan machines dealing with a stream. He rebuffed the District President's shortfall of action in reporting the unlawful diggers and required their removal from office since the criminal activities fell under their ward.


Highlighting the reality of the issue, Fuseini zeroed in on that unlawful mining should be treated as a basic risk to the entire economy. He maintained for an extensive methodology in confronting this issue, implying it as "a full enemy."


Despite different solicitations to the public position to fight unlawful mining, Ghana continues to stand up to a rising in such activities. While the public authority had as of late ensured that Chang Fan machines were right now not present in streams, late reports show that numerous these machines are still in action.


Fuseini conveyed stress for the towns of Obuase and Kibi, which at present experience unlawful mining practices and persevere through the resulting aftermaths. He refered to distortions, as curtailed members, oddly enormous heads, and pregnancy challenges found in infant youngsters brought into the world in mining areas. These upsetting prosperity influences feature the sincere necessity for action.


Fuseini expected a helpful effort among various accomplices to truly fight the galamsey danger. Anyway, he complemented that the fundamental commitment lies with the public power to join all accomplices and show their genuine commitment to settling the issue.

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